Introducing our pikler and slide combo!!

Our wooden toddler climbing arch with slide/climbing ladder are an evolution of the pikler triangle, which is based on the groundbreaking ideas of Dr Emmi Pikler, who promoted naturally paced motor development, free movement and uninterrupted play.

The arch helps toddlers develop their gross motor skills, strength, balance and confidence.

Not only does this help develop toddlers physically it also challenges them mentally, and promotes problem-solving along side physical activity.

The slide adds an extra element to the setup, and can be used as a bridge, car ramp or theatre, but the possibilities are endless, let your child's imagination nurture adventure.

From our own experience of our little climber, the arch can become a tunnel, teddy house or with the addition of a blanket, a den or tent, it even makes for a handy clothes horse when the baby is in bed...!

It can be used from birth, then as they grow, its grows with them! It aids pulling to stand, then to climb and balance, and has endless opportunities for open ended play. Promoting core strength and stability, fine motor skills, co-ordination and balance these are the ultimate toys to aid development whilst having fun!

Depending on what reverse you choose for your slide you can expand play even further.