Introducing our wobble balance board

Our curvy wobble boards are a stylish wooden toy that combines playing with learning and development.

The boards are not just a curved piece of wood, they are a balanced board, bridge, hop up, slide, car, boat, chair, desk, see-saw, mountain or whatever the imagination of children and adults alike want them to be.

Ordinarily designed as a balanced board our curvy wobble boards promotes children's development by enhancing there fine motor skills such as balance by active play both indoors and outside.

The boards can also be used for yoga, fitness, fun or relaxing for adults or kids.

Board dimensions -

Our curvy boards are 28cm wide by 86cm long in a straight line from the tip of each upwards curve.

When placed upside down on the floor the top of the curve stands 20cm off the ground.

Here at Out of the Chicken Shed we are inspired by our family to make excellent, high quality products for your family, with everything made right here in the UK from our workshop in the heart of Nottinghamshire. We very much take a planet kind approach, sourcing sustainable FSC birch ply from Latvia, which we do not treat but sand to the highest grade possible, so no other finishes are required. We also use predominantly recycled and recyclable packaging, hence why our packaging may not look the prettiest nor (believe it or not) is not the cheapest but you can be assured it comes from a planet kind approach. We also believe in creating future heirlooms that you can pass down or sell on, simply wipe off marks with a damp cloth or for the tougher ones sand off with a very fine sandpaper and it will be as good as new.

We believe in quality, longevity and a plant kind approach and we thank you for investing in this journey with us.