Toddler Tower Collection!

Our learning towers are a handy and safe toddler hop up.

Our first tower was built by the request of Dob's mum (my wife hannah) I built a similar hop up so Robyn can enjoy helping her mummy in the kitchen with all the interesting and important jobs such as splashing around in the sink and getting covered in flour (which she absolutely adores). The learning tower allows safe access to work surface height, providing a little extra security and height!
Not only is this a useful toddler pacifier that will help mum and dad get those important jobs around the kitchen done but it is also a fun educational tool for the ever watchful little person.
We have 3 types of towers-
NO 1- The original!
This tower stand proud in your kitchen, made from beautiful sustainably sourced birch faced ply, that is guaranteed to look lovely in your room!!
NO 2- The Folding Tower
If you are short on space, this is the tower for you. If folds down so can be stashed away when not in use!
NO 3- The 3 in 1 Tower
This is the ultimate in toddler towers! It serves as a hop up and toddler table as well as toddler tower! Great if you are wanting a long of bang for your buck!
AND if that selection wasn't enough the standard and 3 n 1 are also available in 'double' size! So that's enough for 2 toddlers! Game changer!
Which is your favourite!