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Our story comes to you from the heart of rural Nottinghamshire, Sherwood Forest to be precise, and at its core are Danny, Hannah and their family.

Danny has always liked to keep busy, he likes his tools, his DIY, upcycling and ultimately making things. Any excuse to to be in his workshop doing 'important busy things'.

Hannah is the ideas person, the 1st lady, she is very much the behind scenes nitty gritty but not afraid to be covered in sawdust, although she mildly resents the amount that ends up on the carpet. 

It all started when Danny and Hannah created, styled and made a English garden fete festival for their wedding

It was here that the journey truly began! 

His love of woodworking was ignited and he continued to create in his garage, making gifts for family, cool wall art and furniture for the house.

Then baby Robyn arrived.
Hannah, being eco conscious and kind to the planet, is a big wooden toy fan and she asked Danny if he could make a wobble board. Then she asked for a toddler tower. And then a pikler triangle (see where this is going)

Luckily, Danny and Hannah already had an existing company (high access maintenance- very boring) that happened to have a shed where all their kit was housed. An old chicken shed, in the heart of robin hood country to be precise. And so Out Of The Chicken Shed was born.

Danny and Hannah are now working hard to expand and grow Out of the Chicken Shed as a legacy for their family and to create legacies for yours.